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At Jo Page Photography, I offer a variety of portrait sessions to choose from, including family, newborn, and maternity. The package options are designed to be easy to understand, ensuring that you get the best experience and value possible. Below are welcome packs for each session I offer that include detailed pricing and an overview of my services. My goal is to provide you with stunning portraits that you can cherish forever.

Newborn Photography Packages for Life's Little Miracles

Maternity Photography - Priceless Memories
Capture Your Family's Memories Forever with Our Photo Sessions


If you have any questions about booking a newborn session please feel free to get in touch anytime, in the mean time here are some of the most asked questions we get -

Q.  What times do your newborn sessions start at?

A.   Every newborn session starts at 10am, morning is the optimal

       time for photograph a newborn.

Q. How long do newborn sessions take?

A.  Anything between 2 - 3 hours.  Sometimes if baby unsettled it can take a little longer but there is no time                  pressure in the studio as I only photograph one newborn per day.

Q.  Is there parking at you studio?

A.  Yes we have are own car park right next to the studio.

Q. What happens if my baby arrives early or late will you still be able to photograph my baby?

A.  Yes.  Nobody can say exactly when your baby will arrive and in my experience rarely do babies arrive on their             due date,   with this in mind your initial booking date is a tentative booking date

      that can be changed to suit your babies actual birth date once he or she arrives.

Q.  What age do you photograph a newborn?

A.   I photograph babies between 5 and 14 days new. My favourite time is

      around 10 days new.

Q.  Is my session fee refundable?

A.  All session fees are non refundable.

Q.  What if it rains, will we still come for our session?

A.   If Mother Nature is watering her garden on the day of your session day then

       we may have to change your session date or time to suit her watering schedule!

Q. Can I bring my dog to the session?

A.  Yes I don't mind but this is a very exciting space for dogs so unless they are well behaved they might be more           excited then usual and become a photo bomber!

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